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Leadership Team

 Head Teacher - Marais Leenders

Overall strategic responsibility for the school, Budget and Resource Management

EIP and External links and Networks and Ofsted.

 deputy Headteacher - Kelda Stevenson (Achievement)

Achievement strategy(Including 6th Form), SEF: Department  Reviews, Performance Management, Admissions and Assessment.

Deputy Headteacher - claire roberts (Closing the Gaps)

Behaviour and Inclusion (Including rewards) HUB, SEF: Year Monitoring Weeks and Transition.

 Assistant Headteacher - Devesha Singh (Learning & Teaching)

Whole school learning and teaching strategy, Continual Professional Development, Whole School Literacy Strategy.

Assistant Headteacher - Katie Coleman (Safeguarding & Logistics)

Whole School Logistics, Safeguarding Lead, Student And Staff Wellbeing.ssistant Headteacher - Aaron McInnes (curriculum/community)Curriculum (Timetable), Student Leadership, School Ethos, Community and Marketing.

Business Manager - Mary Partington

Whole School Finance strategy, HR Leadership, Support staff leadership including Admin team, Health and Safety and Academies.