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Transition Programme

At Brentford 6th Form, we understand that transition from Year 11 into 6th Form and beyond is crucial in developing confidence and  understanding of what is yet to come. A number of transition events will take place during your 6th Form experience.

These are as follows:

‘Headstart ’ – This event takes place in July for two days and is designed to prepare Year 11 students for their 6th Form studies. Students attend a two-day induction, where they will experience a taster session in their chosen  A-Level/BTEC subjects. Students are introduced to the 6th Form team and the expectations associated with becoming a 6th Former. During Headstart, students will be set several pieces of A-Level/BTEC summer work to ensure that they are prepared for Year 12.

‘Brentford University’ – All Year 12 students attend Brentford University at the end of Year 12. Brentford University allows students to experience university life, whilst still being in familiar surroundings. Students experience university lectures and seminars; they will also undertake project work similar to those completed at university. At the end of Brentford University, students take part in an enjoyable a visit to Bournemouth beach.

We are committed to ensuring that each transition that you make throughout your 6th Form experience is well supported. We have a dedicated Tutor Time programme, focused on ensuring that all of the following transition points are well supported: GCSE to AS, from AS to A2 and from A2 to the world of work or university. 

Year 12 Tutor Time

  • Monday - Preparation for the future. Organisation, work experience and preparing for A Levels
  • Tuesday - Assembly in the Theatre
  • Wednesday - 6th Form Wellbeing
  • Thursday - Reflection & Literature
  • Friday - Brentford Entrepreneurs

Year 13 Tutor Time

  • Monday - Preparation for the future. UCAS Focus for applying to university
  • Tuesday - 6th Form Wellbeing
  • Wednesday - Assembly in the Theatre
  • Thursday - Reflection & Literature
  • Friday - Brentford Entrepreneurs